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Aquatop polypropylene cartridge BB10″


Removes mechanical pollution: sand, silt, rust, clay, colloidal particles and strong impurities. Is suitable for hot water.

Purpose: for tertiary water treatment of the centralized water supply from mechanical impurities, rust, sand, scale, big colloidal particles. Are used for usual filter housings SL (Slim Line) and BB (Big Blue) in multistage systems of water purification, systems of the reverse osmosis, in the main filter housings.

In addition: for the manufacture of cartridges  polypropylene which has the certificate for use in the medical purposes and the food industry is used.


Efficiency of a cartridge from polypropylene fiber




additional protection of household appliances against mechanical impurities


uniform dense structure of a cartridge, as a result big contaminant capacity

It is necessary to use alkaline water with рН 9,0-10,0 for washing vegetables and fruit from a supermarket which are processed by special wax for long storage during transporting. Thus we will remove a wax raid and destroy acid resisting bacteria. Further it is possible to wash out vegetables and fruit with acid water рН 4,0-5,5 for disinfecting. For washing vegetables and fruit from a kitchen garden it is necessary to use at first acid water with рН 4,0-5,5 for disinfecting, and then alkaline water with рН 9,0-10,0 for destruction of acid resisting microorganisms.

Technical features