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Carbon Replacement Cartridge


Purifies from chlorine and organochlorine compounds, turbidity, color, improves taste and smell of water.

Purpose: for purification of drinking water from free chlorine, organochlorine substances, aromatic connections, oil products, turbidity, chromaticity, improves taste and smell of water.

In addition: anthracite is in a cartridge in a shredded form and has optimum sizes of particles that allows to keep a big surface of a filtration, and thus prevent the constant leaching of coal dust from the cartridge.The cartridge is used as a variable filtering element in 3-stage purification system, in systems of the reverse osmosis.




increased specific surface of a filtration 


purifies water from chromaticity at excess of norm


purifies water from the increased amount of free chlorine that exceeds norm


Metabolic clinic recommends
For preparation of baby food (porridges, dairy mixes) it is necessary to use the cleared low-mineralized water with a neutral Ph 7,0-7,2. The kidney and secretory system at children of infancy and early age is only forming and is very sensitive to mineral salts. The use of adult water with high concentration of salt can cause serious renal load of the child and do much harm to health of the kid.



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