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Cartridge Vital Mix 5


Purifies water from organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, hardness, manganese, ammonium, iron.

Purpose: purifies water from organic compounds, aromatic substances, turbidity, color, oil, improves the taste and smell of water, also purifies the water from hardness, iron, manganese, ammonium.

In adittion: cartridge contains a unique filling that purifies water in complex from hardness, iron, manganese, ammonium, organic.




does not reduce pH index


purifies water from hardness, iron, manganese, ammonium


Metabolic clinic recommends 

It is necessary to delete only excessive fluorine from water! Fluoride is a necessary means of preventing caries, and also a number of associated diseases of a digestive tract and secretory system, an organism allergization. The standard of concentration fluoride ion in drinking water is 0,5–1,5 mg/l, but for children it is much already and makes only 0,6–0,7 mg/l. Excess of its content is bad too as is capable to cause fluorosis (contrast to caries).



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