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Prevents bacteria, mechanic impurities, decreases turbidity, corrects pH level.

Purpose: to purify water from solids and microorganisms (algae, protozoa cysts larger than bacteria) by microfiltration.

In addition: ceramic membrane porous structure and diversity, whereby the efficiency of water purification from fine dust particles increases markedly compared to mechanical cleaning cartridges.

 Efficiency of Ecomembrane




High strength, wear resistance of the material (ceramic)


Resistance to acid-alkaline attack and abrasive particles


High regenerative potential


Significantly longer life than that of polymeric membranes

Activated carbon is used in cosmetics for skin cleansing.

Absorbent carbon is applied in the cosmetic purposes to clarification of skin. Absorbent carbon is a part of modern soaps which cleans pores from dirt, removes the horny old cells, relieves skin from inflammation and rashes. The adsorptive properties of absorbent carbon are used in cosmetic masks for problem inflammatory skin with black points and eels. Also it is applied in means against a tick of a demodicosis.

Technical features