Filter jugs with a handle


Ergonomic filter jug with the increased volume for household water purification. You can take it in any travel: to the country, at the sea or to the summerhouse.

Quality of source water: tap, safe in the bactericidal relation.

Purpose: detains mechanical impurities (sand, silt, clay and others); removes heavy metals, chlorine, organochlorine compounds, radioactive elements, oil products; hardness salts and iron. Purifies from various microorganisms. Reduces a turbidity, chromaticity. Improves smack and water smell. During purification keeps necessary micro and macrocells for the organism.

Complete set: filter jug, replacement cartridge «Universal».


1 – inner funnel, in which the cartridge is twisted on a carving

2 – cartridge «Universal»

3 – jug for filtered water

4 – cover

5 – inserts on the handle preventing sliding





Unique design of a funnel with protection against loss of a cover


Ergonomic handle which easily lays down in a hand


Increased volume of capacity of a jug and funnel


The jug is made of the high-quality plastic allowed for contact with drinking water 


Why it is necessary to filter water? According to the Laboratory of drinking water supply of Scientific research institute of ecology of the person 90% of water supply systems pump water to houses which doesn’t meet sanitary standards. It contains nitrates, pesticides, oil products and salts of heavy metals, which are unhealthy. The polluted water causes up to 80% of all diseases and for 30% accelerates aging process.

Even boiled water isn’t safe as it contains poison dioxine. Water poisoning is more terrible than food one. After all water participates in all biochemical processes of an organism.

The range provides 7 variants of coloring of the filter jugs that allow to pick up the filter suitable under an interior of any kitchen.

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