filters for water purification from the producer

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Filter Funnel

Special construction for water filtration into any convenient dishes in the household, such as jug, pot, bank, kettle, etc. Patented technology of purification.

Quality of source water: tap.

Purpose: purifies water from the main dangerous impurities: chlorine and organochlorine connections, aromatic chemicals, oil products, pesticides, hardness salts, heavy metals, iron, mechanical impurities (sand, silt, clay, etc.). Improves a smell and smack. Reduces a turbidity and chromaticity of water.

Complete set: filter funnel, top and bottom cover, replacement cartridge «Universal». 


You need to prepare the filter housing, washing it with non-abrasive detergent and thoroughly rinsing. princip1
For normal operation of сartridge
dip it for 5-10 minutes in water. Shake the cartridge
easily to extract air.
Fit the cartridge into
the funnel. Make sure it is
tight to the funnel.

The last step — setting of the filter at the container
for filtered water (jar, pot, pitcher).





Easy to use


The amount of purified water is limited only by your dishes


Universal construction


The ability to use as a traditional water-pot


Small water contact with the plastic

Why water storage in plastic dishes is dangerous?

Nutritionists recommend to pour the filtered water in the glass, enameled ware. After all long storage of water in plastic capacities negatively influences on its quality because of formation of substances dangerous for health of the person.

The reason №1 — interaction of oxygen with plastic that promotes its aging. As a result polymeric material allocates harmful substances which pass into the products which are stored in such container.


The reason № 2 — scratches and cracks are formed in plastics which become a habitat of microbes.