Filter-pitcher without a handle


Filter-pitcher helps to purify water in house
conditions. The pitcher has a special design which allows to place it easily in a refrigerator door.

Quality of source water: water, safe in the bactericidal relation.

Correct use: detains mechanical impurities (sand, silt, clay and others); removes heavy metals, chlorine, organochlorine compounds, radioactive elements, oil products; hardness salts and iron. Purifies from various microorganisms. Reduces turbidity, colority. Improves smack,smell of water. During purification keeps necessary for the organism micro and macrocells.



1 – inner funnel

2 – cartridge «Euromax»

3 – pitcher for purified water

4 – lid





unique construction of a funnel with protection against loss of lid


construction of a pitcher allows to place it easily in a refrigerator door


the pitcher is made of high-quality plastic allowed for contact with drinking water


7 options of coloring of filter-pitcher allow it to fit into an interior of any kitchen

What is dietary water?
Dietary water is water physiologically full on the chemical composition which has a certain mode of the use. It contains necessary quantity of useful macro – and microcells. It is characterized by a corresponding hydrogen indicator рН, according to recommendations of nutritionists which values have to be 7,1 – 8,5. It is water for the daily use. Cartridges of our production are developed especially for receiving dietary water after filtration through cartridges

Available coloring of filter-pitchers specially for receiving of dietary water after filtration through cartridges

Filter jugs (filter jugs with a handle, filter jugs without a handle)

Filter jugs with replacement cartridges released by Filtrik, Rodynne Dzherelo and Green Line

trademarks are applied for purification from harmful impurities of domestic water.

For what filter jug is needed?

Filter jug is convenient for domestic use: it is placed on a refrigerator door, providing all family

with clear chilled water. Highly effective construction, ease and convenience in use, and also

modern design allow to use filter jugs for water purification in each family, providing health of

children and adults.

The jug with ease is placed in a bag and transported: it is convenient to take it with itself on

nature, in summer cottage, in trips, to be confident in quality of the consumed water. Also such

systems will be suitable for providing with purified water in offices and conference rooms so

taste of coffee and tea is pure.

Simple, at first sight, filter jug device is technological and multifunctional. Water passed through

a cartridge not only gets rid of mechanical impurities, for example, small sand, clay or silt, but

also is purified from microparticles of metals, chloric compounds, organic chemistry and

radioactive elements. Fresh and clear water becomes more crystal, receives excellent flavoring

characteristics, doesn’t leave scum on a ware surface at boiling due to hardness reducing during a


Kinds of water filter jugs

Color palette of jugs is various, they look perfectly in any interior of kitchen and the dining

room. Classical black and white colors add more reserved design, and green, red, orange, yellow

and blue shades add brightness to the modern room.

The jug for water purification is issued in two options:

• filter jug with a handle – for desktop use;

• filter jug without a handle – for storage on a refrigerator door.

By type of cartridge and volume characteristics filter jugs are divided into two types:

1. Type 1. There are “Filter jug type 1 with a handle” and “Filter jug Euromax type 1” (without a

handle). Main characteristics:

• increased volume – 2,5 l;

• increased volume of a funnel – 1,2 l;

• sizes 28,8 x 27,7 cm.

2. Type 2. “Filter jug type 2”. Main characteristics:

• standard volume – 1,6 l;

• -standard volume of a funnel – 0,7 l;

• sizes 18,7 x 23 cm.

Both types of the jugs filter water at a rate not less than 3 l/h, on condition that the original tap or

well water has a temperature from 4 to 30 degrees. The resource of filtered water depends on the

cartridge established in a jug and it can be from 200 to 400 liters.

Advantages of the use of water filter jug

Jugs for water purification have such advantages:

• Compactability. Thought-out construction allows to store filter jug on a refrigerator door.

• Protection against loss of a cover. The design of a funnel doesn’t allow the top cover to drop out

while in operation.

• Safe plastic. The plastic case is made of the BASF and Bayer materials which are

recommended for contact with drinking water.

• Ergonomic handle. The design of the handle is ideally suited for a palm, preventing sliding.

• Full complete set. The jug already contains a replacement cartridge that allows to start using the

filter immediately after purchase.

In order to always have on hand a secure health crystal water, it’s enough to buy water filter jug

and put it on the kitchen surface of the apartment, cottage or office.