Filtering media mix

The filter filling, loading (mixture)

The company offers to buy StraightLine filling VitalEnergy filter integrated water purification. The efficiency of these mixtures has been proven in special laboratories during the test revealed the following advantages:
· Purified water from organic compounds of manganese, iron, ammonium;
· Soften the water, eliminating her from the heavy metals and hardness;
· Eliminates the hydrogen sulphide and nitrate;
· Correct pH.

Filter the mixture have a broad scope. They can be used not only in private homes, but also in industry, enterprises willows public organizations.
The main customers are both individual customers as well as commercial, industrial enterprises, housing and communal services.

Clean drinking water – the foundation of health and a long life
Today, bottled water – an indispensable element of human life. This is due to its positive effects on the body, the presence in the product of many useful components, ensuring proper functioning of the whole organism and normal metabolism. But all of this is achieved when the purified water.

Due to the natural components in the mixture and filter cleaning properties of drinking water will be able to improve health, to quench their thirst, providing a fruitful work of all body systems and complete metabolism. Therefore, its presence in the diet of everyone is necessary.
The mixture for purification of water is used as the filtration load, easy to operate and has the effect of effectively.

Why is the role of water filtration is selected VitalEnergy?
The secret of success lies in the composition VitalEnergy backfill. Currently, there are three types of mixtures. It VitalEnergy NANO – filling for industrial and domestic water purification, VitalEnergy OPTIMA – mix for the cleaning of boiler systems and water treatment, VitalEnergy MEDICAL – download working on water with hydrogen sulfide content. As part of a mixture of components that solve the basic problems of water pollution: hardness, oxidation, the presence of organic matter and bacteria.

1. Innovative purifying the mixture is protected by patent.
2. As part of a special component, a cation which provides increased ion exchange capacity of backfill.
3. Corrects pH special supplement minerals.
4. The antibacterial effect is achieved by special additives impregnated with silver ions.
5. It purifies water by nitrates organopoglatitel.
6. Removal of iron and manganese is achieved by a special sorbent with an inert core.

Filter loading a new generation – an advanced development StraightLine. Mixtures can be operated at a temperature readings from 0 ° C to 40 ° C.
Buying filter filling – a pledge of vitality and beauty
StraightLine Corporation knows that for every person the water – it is a source of strength, energy, inspiration. Therefore, our experts develop innovative technologies and tools to use only purified water utility. We offer feel the efficiency of filter mixtures, which can be purchased at retail and wholesale.

· We have reached the minimum cost in the manufacture of water treatment systems;
· Our prices are loyal and transparent to all customers;
· Product quality is always at the highest level;
· We are interested in the health and well-being of our customers.
Buying innovative download for integrated water cleaning, you will certainly appreciate the positive result, which will not keep waiting!