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Iron Replacement Cartridge


Purifies water from high iron content.

Purpose: purifies water from free chlorine, organic substances and iron hardness, heavy metals. A cartridge can be used for cleaning water with high hardness (3.0-5.0 mg*eq/l) and a high iron content to 1.0 mg/l.
In addition: The cartridge contains a variety of sorbents and ion exchange materials. The structure of the cartridge includes a special catalytic sorbent for water purification from iron.




purifies water from a high iron content


further purifies water from heavy metals through a unique ion-exchange fiber


Metabolic clinic recommends

Oxygen water — is water which contains soluble oxygen in the quantity exceeding 20,0 mg/l. Oxygen water is recommended to daily use without restrictions. It is especially healthy for athletes, people experiencing continuous intellectual and physical strain, people with heart troubles and also for residents of megalopolises. The oxygen containing in water also actively stimulates blood supply of a brain that promotes concentration of attention, memory improvement, increases speed of reaction at adoption of crucial and urgent decisions, provides success in study and business. Oxygen water also has positive impact on weight loss, a condition of a stress and chronic fatigue.



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