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Company Straightline Trade Limited (England) is an investor and a developer of the strategy of programs for improving water quality, food products and their impact on metabolic mechanisms and human life support.   The main business area of Straightline Limited is the development of innovative water purification technologies, the investigation of physicochemical properties, the structure of water, constructional design and the production of modern water purification systems.

International certified laboratory “Melavo”

Laboratory “Melavo” – International certified laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with modern measuring equipment and machinery. The main activities of the laboratory “Melavo” – development of high-quality efficient methods to clean and improve the quality of drinking water. Laboratory “Melavo” – develops products together with nutritionists, focusing on health. Laboratory “Melavo” in the development of water treatment formulations uses high quality raw materials of world manufacturers – leaders in the area. Laboratory “Melavo” makes long complex researches for the purpose of development of high-quality technologies of water purification. Laboratory “Melavo” together with the Metabolic Clinic «Vikey» developed and introduced “A new method of selection of purification systems and water treatment”.Development of laboratory “Melavo” is protected  by multiple patents.

 The main competitive advantages:

  • Development of unique designs, recipes, components, focused on the human body;
  • Participation in production and technological process of doctors, nutritionists, experts in branch of health;
  • Individual approach in the selection of water purification systems by specialists of certified laboratory.


Water — is a health source for the person. The person consists of water for 80%. Water is absolutely necessary for activity. But what water do we use? Quality of tap water in our country is doubtful. Now on average 60% of water supply systems are in a critical condition. Therefore water tertiary treatment it not an exception, but need. Company “StraightLine” is engaged in the production of water purification systems. Our main task is effective and working technology of water purification.  Materials of which our goods are made are hi-tech and safe for health of consumers. All the products of StraightLine company undergo testing in research laboratory “MELAVO“. The laboratory is equipped with high-precision measuring equipment and the service equipment.

The main activities of the laboratory are:

  • development of effective compoundings of cartridges for a filtration and tertiary water treatment;
  • studying of modern trends in the production of cartridges for purification of drinking water and selection of new types of raw materials (filtering media mixes);
  • testing of filtering media mixes for cartridges, by definition of their main characteristics according to standard documentation;

  The analysis of drinking water is carried out according to the state norms on such indicators:

  • organoleptic properties (smell, taste)
  • chromaticity
  • turbidity
  • pH
  • total hardness
  • dry residue
  • total alkalinity
  • chlorides
  • residual chlorine free and bound
  • total iron
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • permanganate oxidation
  • manganese and t. d.

  Advantages of water treatment systems

  • German coal
  • Hungarian plastic
  • Recipe developed by nutritionists
  • Protection against hyper softening
  • American catalyst
  • Finnish ion-exchange fiber
  • PP thread of Japan production
  • Italian sieve cloth SAATI