Green Line Antibacterial


Has prominent bactericidal properties. Prevents from development of bacteria in water at its long storage in various capacities.

Quality of initial water: purified by the filter.

Purpose: Ceramic balls made by innovative Korean technology. Selected natural rocks are crushed to the necessary size and give them the form of balls.  They are exposed to roasting under high temperature that provides high porosity of the rocks. In addition contain mineral salts of silver.

How to use: place in the stationary water filter or in any available capacity (bucket, can, jug) with the filtered water.


Results of testsings of a mineralizer “Antibacterial”

Conclusion: The results of the research showed that the mineralizer “Antibacterial” does not reproduce microorganisms that are in the water. So it has a static antimicrobial effect.




Has static antibacterial effect


Prevents the reproduction of bacteria in water at its long storage in various capacities and without application of chlorination or ultra-violet radiation.


Convenient for use both in house conditions, and at office, it doesn’t demand special dish or the equipment for effective use (it is possible to take any convenient capacity for a mineralization)


Promotes prevention of many diseases

It is recommended not to leave water in an open container, because of the interaction with the air it appears and evolves pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms. Under the influence of environmental factors and processes in the organism (for example, the wrong treatment, decrease in immunity), some of not pathogenic microorganisms gain property to cause infectious diseases (so-called opportunistic pathogens).  

Daily norm of drinking water and hygiene — from 20 to 50 liters of water, free from harmful chemical and microbic pollutants.