Mineralizer Green Line pH


For saturation of drinking water by alkali in house conditions. The alkalescent water received after influence of a mineralizer prevents oxidation of an organism.

Quality of initial water: purified by filter.

Purpose: increasing of the pH level of water to alkaline, decreasing of ORP of water.

Component – mineralizer: Ceramic balls made by innovative Korean technology. Selected natural rocks are crushed to the necessary size and give them the form of balls.  They are exposed to roasting under high temperature that provides high porosity of the rocks.


Change in 200 ml of water


Change of PH in 1,5 l of water

ph-1 ph-2




Antioxidant effect due to which the immune system of the organism becomes stronger.


Alkalization of the organism — at the daily use of alkaline water increases the body’s resistance to disease.


Fast digestion of water — is more effective penetration of water into fabrics, removal of toxins from intestines, dissolution of the hardly reached toxins.


Oxygen saturation – due to the content in alkaline water of oxygen atoms in the body receive more oxygen, which helps to break down hydrocarbons

Why ph of the water is a panacea from most diseases?
Depending on the рН index of water the speed of chemical reactions, the degree of corrosion aggressiveness of water contaminants and toxicity, etc. change. The pH index indicates the degree of water acidity (pH <7) and alkalinity (pH> 7).

According to the state norms, for drinking water the optimum рН level is from 6 to 8,5. Such water adds cheerfulness, stimulates cell regeneration, improves metabolism, normalizes blood pressure. In combination with the proper treatment water quickly heals wounds, burns, ulcers, bedsores.