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Nanoosmosis System Green Line Vital Energy 5


For city piped water from borehole with hardness up to 5,0-7,0 мg*eq/L and high content of iron up to 1,0 mg/L

Quality of source water: tap water and water from borehole.

Purpose: purifies water from mechanical impurities (sand, silt, a rust, clay, colloidal particles), free and combined chlorine, turbidity, chromaticity, organic compounds, corrects smell and taste of water. Removes hardness salts, iron, manganese, ammonium.

In addition: At the first stage the system has a cartridge from the unique patented filtering media mix Vital Energy which in a complex purifies water from hardness, iron, manganese, ammonium, organic chemistry.




doesn’t reduce рН level (if рН of alkaline water, it doesn’t do it sour)

purifies water from high concentration of the free chlorine exceeding norm at several times

purifies water from chromaticity even at excess of admissible norm

purifies water, keeping its useful mineral composition

For food of the child in the first year of life water influences not only on his growth, development and a state of health, but also “programs” a further metabolism, lays the foundation for health. Experts are sure: it is necessary to look after what the child drinks when habits are just forming. It is proved that early infantile taste is defined by food habits at early and adult age. The child is very mobile and big loading goes on joints and cartilages. Cartilages for 80% consist of water, and water allows to get into condition quickly, make them flexible and elastic.
The brain is very sensitive to deficiency of water. It starts feeling thirst when it loses 1% of water. Memory and intelligence that are very important for children of any age suffers because of water deficiency.

Technical features