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Filters for water purification — types, functional principle, advantages

The article points out advantages of household water filters, their types and features of each of them. Keywords: filters, jug, nozzle, desktop filter, stationary filter, drinking water, cartridge, tap, hose tube  st-line Water filters are one of the most useful things in life. Water which flows from under the tap, even after boiling has not only unpleasant after-taste, but also contains chemical elements hazardous to health. In addition it often flows with a rust raid, has a specific smell. It is rather unprofitable to buy in supermarkets bottled drinking water, especially if volumes of the consumed liquid are big. Therefore filters are convenient in operation and rather accepted at the prices are becoming popular every year. Types of water filters It is necessary to select filters according to characteristics, and also volumes of the consumed water. Water-filter jug consists of a special purifying nozzle and a jug. When water comes to the top department of a vessel, it flows down, through a purifying cartridge, in a bowl. As a rule, filters of jug type are made by a volume in half of liter or liter.Big advantage of the filter jug is in ease of use and lack of need to call the master to connect it to a water supply system. However each three months, and sometimes more often it is necessary to replace cartridges.Besides, it is possible to pick up a cartridge with additional functions of purification from those pollution which are inherent in water in your area of residence. The disadvantage of this type of filter is that the volume of a jug is limited and it takes a lot of time to filter water. Filter- nozzle looks like a cylinder which is puted on the tap. This is rather convenient device which can be removed and put on other source of water at any time. But it is hard to regulate a liquid pressure if on the tap is the similar filter, and generally it flows by a squirt. In general in 2–3 months the nozzle can filter to 700 liters of water then it needs to be replaced. The desktop filter is a keg equipped with the tap. The filter by means of a special hose is connected to the tap and is capable to purify liquid with a speed of 2 liters a minute. This type of the device can be served more than 3-4 months, and then it will need to be replaced. Its disadvantage is that it takes a lot of place near a sink, besides you won’t use the tap until it is connected to the desktop filter. The stationary filter is the whole design consisting of several cylindrical capacities and a special bowl for water of 10 l. The filter is placed under a sink, and near the ordinary tap carries out a separate faucet from which the filtered water flows. The price of installation of such filter is higher, than on all other devices, but it is convenient for a family for which large volumes of liquid are required. Mineralizer is of a small round form. It consists of carbon, sates water with calcium and magnesium due to what it allocates it with ability of self-restoration and rejuvenation. Makes skin elastic  and hair and restores their gloss, calms and cleans irritations.   Filtering media mixes, loadings purifies water from main types of pollution such as: manganese, iron, ammonium, organic substances. It is used for water treatment of private houses, the enterprises, the pharmaceutical companies, at restaurants. The range of filters for water purification is so various that any buyer with ease will find the option which will conform to his requirements, the main thing is to announce wishes to the selling assistant upon purchase, and he will help to make a choice.