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Replacement Cartridge Carbon Block


Purifies from chlorine and organochlorine compounds, turbidity, chromaticity, improves taste and smell of water.

Purpose: for purification of drinking water from free chlorine, organochlorine substances, aromatic connections, oil products, turbidity, chromaticity, improves taste and smell of water.

In addition: the cartridge contains the special high-quality activated carbon. In structure of carbon macropores prevails, it is ideal for cleaning of organic substances with a high molecular weight, such as aromatic oligomer and polymers, cyclic polymeric connections.




highly effective cartridge for water purification


has dense structure that increases sorption properties


Metabolic clinic recommends
For cooking vegetables and fruit for the purpose of preparation of various dishes and baby puree it is necessary to use highly mineralized water (sated with various useful micro and macrocells). In this case we have a converse effect. A difference of concentration of substances in water and a product is not as large as in the previous example (the potential of process of a mass transfer is lower), and a large number of useful elements remains in food. 



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