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Replacement cartridge Hardness


Purifies water from the high content of hardness salts.

Purpose: purifies water from hardness, reduces the concentration of iron in water.

In addition: cartridge is used for water purification with high hardness 5.0-7.0 mg*eq/l, multistage water purification systems. The cartridge contains a high gel cation exchange Na-form having a high ion-exchange capacity and provides effective water purification.




effectively purifies hard water


reduces the concentration of iron in water


reduces the concentration of ammonium in water


Clinic of a metabolism recommends

Oxygen water — is water which contains soluble oxygen in the quantity exceeding 20,0 mg/l. At its use you oxygenate a digestive tract that allows to normalize processing and assimilation of food.
Water with O2, having absorbed through intestines walls, delivers oxygen in a liver, and then in blood, muscles, heart and other organs, in addition oxygenating them, speeding up their work, and also making active and increasing physical capacities of an organism. Nutritionists say that if your daily use of such water is 2-2,5 l, you will be surprised as far as the circle of problems with health will be narrowed.



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