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Three-stage water purification systems

Three-stage water purification systems

Three-stage filters represent the filtering cartridges which are permanently connected to a water supply system equipped with the separate tap for clear water. Generally they are used in apartments and are recommended for installation under a kitchen sink that considerably saves space. Their distinctive characteristics are simple installation and affordable price.
Depending on needs of clients and extent of pollution of water the component parts can be changed.

What is a complete set of the system?
Under-sink filters presented in the range of a company are individual systems, so they can have a different complete set. The main elements of which they consist are:
· Sets of cartridges;
· Tap for clear water;
· A plastic tube for the connection and a key for replacement of elements;
· Rings for compacting of flasks and others.

The first flask of the filter is directed on elimination of mechanical pollution: rust, clay, suspensions, sand. Usually these functions are performed by a cartridge of polypropylene fiber, capable to detain impurities which size is greater than 5 microns. After that stage water starts getting clear color.

Depending on a water pollution sort cartridges can be changed. The three-stage system presented on the site can be equipped with the elements directed on reduction of water hardness or the increased amount of the dissolved iron.

Some models consist of ion-exchange materials due to which tap water is purified from heavy metals, free chlorine and organic substances. Such effect is reached by absorption by a cartridge of salts of rigidity and return in water of salts of sodium. After this step of purification on pans and teapots it will be possible to notice total absence of a scum.

Among the range of water iltration systems, also there are models the main component of which is coal. It can be in the form of fibers or in the pressed look. Its main function – water conditioning. After such purification it accepts natural color and smell, it becomes one taste better.

Features of three-stage water purification systems:

Among the main advantages of three-stage filters it should be noted:
· The direct connection to a water supply system facilitating use of the filter;
· The stylish design which isn’t breaking an interior of a kitchen;
· Compact dimensions due to which the system saves a space;
· Effective water purification system from aromatic compounds, turbidity, organic substances, heavy metals, free chlorine;
· Long service life;
· Good speed of a filtration.

In addition, the systems can be equipped with ecomembranes and ultramembranes. The first have high wear resistance, durability and reliability, carry out water purification from harmful bacteria and microorganisms. The second are equipped with the modified polypropylene fiber at the expense of what filter service life increases. They keep useful mineral composition of water, purify it from microorganisms and mechanical impurities.

One more advantage of these filtration systems is the democratic cost which allows distributors to buy profitably products by wholesale and buyers to order systems at the favourable price. More in details the price policy is represented by the price list which is available on the web-site. Having defined the model of the filter and cost it is necessary to contact managers of the company in the telephone mode. Skilled experts will provide you with substantial consultation on all questions, will help to orient with the range of products, to issue the order and to make a payment.