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Ultramembrane has a pore size 0,1-0,01microns and it allows to prevent various microorganisms (bacteria, cysts, protozoa and algae)

The quality of the source water: tap.

Purpose: to purify tap water from mechanical impurities (sand, dirt, rust, clay, colloidal particles) and microorganisms (bacteria, cysts, protozoa and algae).

Efficiency of Ultramembrane




preservation of useful mineral composition of water
(micropores of the membrane passed the necessary minerals from the appropriate pore size)


long lifetime due to the use of a special modified polypropylene fiber

You need to prepare water for watering flowers!

You should water plants with softened and filtered water. For most plants optimal pH of the water is 5.8-6.5. If the flower grows in acidic or weakly acidic soil, pH of the water can be less than 7, and if the soil is neutral, weakly alkaline or alkaline, the water must be with acidity of 7 and above.

Technical features